What We Do

We teach basic life movements. We incorporate these movements from gymnastics, running, rowing, and weightlifting into intense workout sessions. We provide a broad general fitness program because life is broad and general. Specilaizing in one aspect of fitness (such as the flexibility that yoga provides) does not increase your total fitness. How can yoga alone increase speed and power? It can’t. CrossFit is not for everybody. We think it should be, but be honest, not everyone wants to put in the hard work to see results. We will work with you every day in order for you to see the results you desire. We are in business for you. Our results are proven, effective, and measurable. Give us a try and you will never think of fitness the same way.

Started just YESTERDAY. I have been greeted by amazing coaches as well as super friendly people working out. I have four kids and two that come with me. The kids corral is super awesome!! Can’t wait to see what my body can do!


Open gym format, which is the way to go in my opinion. Spend more time warming up, working through mobility, etc. Typically makes for less people doing the WOD at once, so you get better attention from the coaches on your form if it needs help.

I drive from the next town over. Very worth the trip. As someone who knew zero people here, and is a bona fide “socially awkward penguin,” I’ve been made very welcome here.


I am a Crossfitter down in Los Angeles, but I dropped into Crossfit Monroe while visiting my parents and I will be back! First off, the owners communicated with me immediately when I called in to see if I could call this box ‘home’ for the week I’m visiting family. This gym has a unique open-schedule that allows clients to do the WOD at the time they arrive at their pace. It’s not a scheduled WOD time, but the coaches are still very attentive and very much coaching!  The facility is well-equipped and clean. The programming is on point.