Why go to the gym?

The most common answer, although some may be too shy to say it aloud, is to look good naked.  Other common themes would be to  get stronger, to be more athletic, to be less frail and so on.  But have you ever wanted to go to the gym for fellowship? Yeah I said  fellowship, it means to get together with other people, to share thoughts, ideas, dreams, stories, commonalities. What if the place we go to get stronger physically is the same place we go to get stronger emotionally, mentally dare I say spiritually?

Becoming stronger is so much more than just building muscle. To build that muscle you must overcome a lot of pain and set aside many carnal desires. The reason we as a society, a culture, are becoming weaker is because of just that. It is easier to sit on the couch instead of push yourself to go to the gym. It is easier to slink away to a corner of the gym to do your “program”. It is easier to run, walk, bike in an almost catatonic state to log those miles so you can “earn your dinner”. Imagine though having a group of likeminded individuals supporting you in becoming the best version of yourself both physically and mentally. A group of folks that will suffer in your endeavors right by your side. This is the premise of CrossFit.

At every CrossFit gym worldwide you will find tens of thousands of men, women & children of all ages and sizes working together and supporting one another in achieving more than they had yesterday. The workouts differ from day to day and from one gym to another but one thing is guaranteed; you will have the opportunity each day to improve. This theme doesn’t end when your workout is done.

Again, at thousands of CrossFit gyms around the world another evolution is occurring. Each community within and around each CrossFit is benefitting from the mentality, the goal of becoming better. Each CrossFit gym holds within it a tribe of its own that supports, sweats, laughs and cries with each other. This drives members by the tens of thousands through those doors to suffer and grow together. This kind of support and bond is the driving force behind the magnificent creatures that perform amazing feats of greatness at the CrossFit Games as well as in each and every one of the CrossFit gyms across the globe.

So, why go to the gym? To look good naked of course! Most importantly though, to find your tribe, to connect with your community in a way you never knew before. In doing this your life will be enriched not only because you will stave off disease, the nursing home, insecurities and so on but what you will gain is the strength that comes in numbers.

The author Claire Winston and her business partner Amber Andresen own and operate CrossFit Monroe located in the industrial park in Monroe, WA

What We Do

We teach basic life movements. We incorporate these movements from gymnastics, running, rowing, and weightlifting into high intensity workout sessions. We provide a broad general fitness program because life is broad and general.  We will work with you every day in order for you to see the results you desire. We are in business for you. Our results are proven, effective, and measurable. Give us a try and you will never think of fitness the same way.